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From the Who Forum Spoiler Thread:

"I thought I might actually be able to be helpful for once and clear up some of the mystery surrounding whether there is going to be a S4 of TW or not. I have cultivated quite a few contacts in the past year, and as we understand it from those contacts, the future of the show was still being decided as of a month or so ago. I don't know if they've since reached a decision, but last we heard, the possibility of a S4 depended, not so much on the ratings of S3, but on being able to get together a suitable production team and fill the roles that have been vacated by Julie Gardner moving to BBC America, Peter Bennet shifting to DW, and RTD having lots of projects in the early stages which may or may not come off and take his time away from TW.

If S3 does very well, obviously they'll be a much greater chance of finding people to fill those roles and take the show further – if it doesn't, likely they won't bother finding replacements to make a fourth season. Basically much of the BBC is in a transitional phase and a lot of things, including the DW spin-offs, are up in the air."
 This does not surprise me one bit. I've felt for a while that series three would be the last, especially if certain spoilers turn out to be true. I feel that would be the death knell.

Ever since the TW series two boxset came out with it's pitiful extras, and I mean pitiful by even BBC standards with no commentaries and a rehash of old material masking as extras, I have felt the BBC are not committed to the show, and just go through the motions.

They maybe be committed to John Barrowman, but not Torchwood.

I'm also think that losing TW and SJA could be the sanction imposed for DW's overspend.

I'm sad, but not surprised.


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