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Sheffield Doctor Who retailer Galaxy4 provides news of an interesting new addition to BBC Audio audiobooks range. September 2009 will see the release of the first in a five part cd series of original stories under the collective title of Hornet's Nest.


September 2009
Hornet's Nest : The Stuff of Nightmares
Read by Tom Baker with Nicholas Courtney

October 2009
Hornet's Nest : The Dead Shoes
Read by Tom Baker with Nicholas Courtney

November 2009
Hornet's Nest : The Circus of Doom
Read by Tom Baker with Nicholas Courtney

December 2009
Hornet's Nest : A Sting in the Tale
Read by Tom Baker with Nicholas Courtney

January 2009
Hornet's Nest : Hive of Horror
Read by Tom Baker with Nicholas Courtney

Each cd will retail for £9.99 of your Earth money.
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From the Who Forum Spoiler Thread:

Spoilers under here )
 This does not surprise me one bit. I've felt for a while that series three would be the last, especially if certain spoilers turn out to be true. I feel that would be the death knell.

Ever since the TW series two boxset came out with it's pitiful extras, and I mean pitiful by even BBC standards with no commentaries and a rehash of old material masking as extras, I have felt the BBC are not committed to the show, and just go through the motions.

They maybe be committed to John Barrowman, but not Torchwood.

I'm also think that losing TW and SJA could be the sanction imposed for DW's overspend.

I'm sad, but not surprised.


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